Welcome Spring

Everyone on earth has 12 hours of day and 12 hours of night. Hence the Equinox. The good news is that we will now have more day than night since we gain 3 minutes of daylight per day. Enjoy and Happy Spring. The forecast calls for breezy weather to continue but the main punch of the storm has moved through. There will be passing showers with some isolated thunderstorms. These thunderstorms can produce hail or snow. The ground is too warm for anything to stick but if you get under the convergence zone mainly north of Seattle you could see a little snow stick on the grass, etc… Lows will be near 35 and highs near 48. The mountains will get tons of snow. The ski areas will all get at least 15 inches through Thursday, even more Friday morning. Skiing will be great. The passes will see snow so plan on wintry driving conditions. Friday through Sunday will be mostly dry with some sunny periods. Walter. 3/20/13