Wetter and warmer this week

 Today will be cloudy with rain late in the day, although I can't rule out a scattered raindrop now and then at any time.  Mostly, though, the rain holds off until the late afternoon as a warm front drapes over the area.  Tomorrow & Wednesday will feature rain at times at the warm front stays over us.  We'll feel a warm-up with temps, topping out in the low 50s today, mid 50s tomorrow and upper 50s, close to 60 on Wednesday & Thursday.  The cold front finally swings through early Friday morning, so "rain turning to showers" on Friday.  The weekend looks damp as well.  Sigh.

Viewer photos of the day . . .

Ominous clouds over Shilshole. From Bob. Could be mammatus clouds -- which signal instability and storminess.

Amanda was taking a photo of a snowy owl when another one flew in. This was at Ocean Shores.