What does the fox ... read, Obama the TV star and invisibility cloaks

foxWhat does the fox say? Now in book form. But, I don't know how many words it takes to describe 'ring-ding-ding-ding-dingeringeding!

Best nontraditional pizza topping: This Reddit thread is making me oh so hungry! And barbecue brisket on a 'za? Mmmmm...

House of Cards, starring Barack Obama? That's something I'm not sure even Kevin Spacey's Frank Underwood could pull off. The President has been offered a role on the political drama by Netflix CEO. But if you're a HoC fan, you know Underwood can get down to business. Even Obama wishes he was that "ruthlessly efficient."

Invisibility coat as weapon: China and the US are in an arms race ... to see which country can develop an invisibility cloak first. Reports from China boast that this technology bends light to conceal forms.. even change them. Harry Potter would be so stoked! 

Tough interview:Even pigeons have to apply for jobs. To do pigeon stuff.

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