Who has best moves on Seahawks? You decide...

RENTON, Wash. -- There is no doubt that the Seahawks have had quite the season, full of memorable plays, but it's the moments after that leaves everyone talking.

“I don’t even know what to say," said Seahawks wide receiver Golden Tate. “Now the belly roll is something, that’s just fun," said fell0w WR Doug Baldwin.

"Yeah that one’s like blah, blah, blah. Its almost like his stomach is talking," said Tate.

Celebrations -- every player has their own style.

“Now this one was awful. Jermaine Kearse the A-town stomp," said Baldwin. "He needs to loosen up those hips a little bit," said Tate.

Seahawks cornerback, Richard Sherman said, “The Sherman shuffle is always going to be the go-to. I still haven’t had a chance to do it the end zone fully, Big Red interrupted the last one, but we will get it done."

And you can't forget the Michael Bennett move after defensive end's fumble recovery for the touchdown against the Saints.

“Oh Michael Bennett, did you see the sideways, the hips? You know he’s mixing it up for everybody, I think he might be the best dancer or the best hips on the team," said Sherman. “I think Mebane started it. And we just started finishing it off … and it just kept going just getting outrageous now but its fun," said Bennett.

Of course it's fun, the Hawks are the first to admit it, but where does the inspiration stem from?

“During the time outs and in between intermission you get bored out there and they play some pretty cool tunes and if the rhythm gets in your body and it gets to your feet then that’s the result," said Sherman, "Oh no, no, no, not in the mirror, I practice them on the practice field. You practice how you play, you play how you practice."

But who's is better?

"Offense without a doubt," said Baldwin.

But the defense doesn't agree.

"I'm going to give them the Earl Thomas face.  Not at all. I don't think the offense has good celebrations, especially Golden Tate, I don't think so," said Bennett.