WMW viewer tips help identify Pierce County 'distract-and-grab' crooks


CAPTURE UPDATE September 7, 2016 --
The Pierce County Sheriff's Department says both suspects in the distract and grab thefts at Ulta in May were identified by Washington's Most Wanted viewers and are in jail.

One suspect was arrested in Kitsap County, the other in Pierce County.

"We got both the suspects in custody due to a tip from a Washington's Most Wanted viewer and good work by our Proactive Property Crimes Unit. We're really taking care of business down in Pierce County when it comes to property crimes, because we're out proactively working them, working with the public and the viewers of WMW to hold these people accountable," said Det. Ed Troyer.

We are not releasing their names because they have not been officially charged yet.

They are WMW Captures 801 and 802.

Pierce County detectives are trying to identify two suspects they think could be selling stolen items online.

They walked into an Ulta beauty store last month.

One of them distracted the clerks while the other two stole merchandise.

At least the guy in the camouflage hat and white shirt smelled good doing it -- as surveillance video showed him spraying some type of cologne or perfume into the air so he could take a whiff of it. After that he went for the score: Grabbing three boxes of good-smelling stuff -- and stuffing them into his pants pockets.

Video showed the other suspect milling around on the other side of the aisle.

A minute or so later, a camera in another section of the store caught the guy in the dark gray shirt and thick, gold necklace swiping an armful of eye shadow palettes that retail at $54 apiece.

Pierce County detectives are trying to identify them.

"If we can get these guys caught, I'm guessing there will be a big decrease in shoplifting, because they're probably out doing it on a daily basis just as car prowlers and burglars are,” says Pierce County Det. Ed Troyer.

Detectives think the guy in the white Adidas shirt with blue and white stripes down the arms is Hispanic. It looks like it says "Seattle" in big letters on the camouflage hat he wore.

They think the suspect wearing the gray short-sleeve shirt over a black long-sleeve shirt is white.  He has a pretty unique moustache/soul patch combo.

If you can tell Pierce County detectives their names, call an anonymous tip into:

You must call the Crime Stoppers hotline with your tip to be eligible to receive a cash reward for information leading to a fugitive’s arrest.