WSDOT admits to billing errors and technical glitches on I-405

BELLEVUE, Wash. -- Washington State Department of Transportation officials say thousands of commuters have been charged double for toll lane trips and admit to a technical glitch that slowed traffic last weekend.

Bryan Zemp drives on I-405 every day and he knows the rules. He knows that on the weekend you only need two people in a car to take the express lanes but WSDOT signs told commuters they needed three.

"I mentioned to my wife I thought that was odd. I thought it was two on the weekend. And of course traffic was backed up even on a Sunday."

Troopers used the signs as a guide and pulled over violators but only issued warnings.

WSDOT officials say a necessary file was deleted and that caused the problem. But, officials also admit to thousands of billing errors.

More than 3,000 people have been double charged for taking the express toll lanes. Officials are attempting to contact everyone impacted by the errors.

WSDOT says everyone should check their billing information to look for irregularities.