WSP seeks suspect of Nov. 11 hit-and-run in Tacoma, 1 seriously injured

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(Washington State Patrol)

Washington State Patrol (WSP) needs help identifying the suspect of a hit-and-run crash in Tacoma that seriously injured a 63-year-old man earlier in November.

Authorities say on Nov. 11 around 12 p.m., the man was driving a Dodge Caravan south on I-5 toward the I-705 exit, when an unknown vehicle behind him moved from the center lane to the adjacent right lane.

A Subaru Outback was in the lane, and the driver swerved into the far right lane to avoid getting sideswiped.

The Outback struck the back of the Dodge Caravan, pushing it into the back of an SUV, which then crashed into a Ford F-150 ahead of it. The 63-year-old driver of the Dodge Caravan suffered serious injuries in the crash.

WSP said the unknown vehicle took the I-705 exit and drove off.

Investigators say witnesses have not been able to provide the vehicle's make, model, color or its occupants.

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Anyone with information on the crash, the suspect vehicle or its driver is urged to contact WSP Det. Tessa Schahfer at (253) 538-3172.