Youth soccer club repeatedly targeted by crooks

SNOHOMISH, Wash. -- A North Sound youth soccer club has yet again been targeted by crooks who this time trashed their office and stole electronics and clothing.

Replacing the items means cutting into money that could otherwise help their young players.

The Snohomish Youth Soccer Club was already reeling from damage caused by vandals earlier this year.

“You’re not hurting us, you’re hurting the kids,” said coach Michael Mikulsky.

Mikulsky discovered the office trashed early Saturday morning. He says he saw boxes and documents had been tossed everywhere, and while looking over the mess, Mikuslky says he heard the crooks upstairs.

“It freaked me out,” he said. “I was definitely scared. It took me a little bit to realize, yea it’s probably time to leave the house and call the cops.

Cops responded but the thieves got away. But it’s not the first time the club has been victimized.

“It’s unbelievable that people would continue to do this just because we’re vulnerable,” said Mikulsky.

Earlier this spring vandals broke their way onto the club’s fields – leaving huge ruts in the grass and costing the club thousands in repairs.

“It’s really our mission to provide a safe learning environment for kids that’s affordable to play,” said Anthony Sardon. “We want kids to be able to play.”

This past weekend, crooks also got away with items mean to go to auction – all to fund scholarships for young players.

The Snohomish Police Department is asking anyone with information to reach out to help them solve this latest burglary.

Now the club is looking to install a security system – which costs them even more money that instead could be used to help local kids fall in love with soccer.

“When you steal from a non-profit, you’re stealing from the kids at this point,” said Mikulsky.