Yum: Twinkies are back

SEATTLE -- They’re back.

After an eight-month hiatus, Hostess Cupcakes are back in stores nationwide. The cream-filled cakes have been missing from school lunchboxes and vending machines, causing more than a few to lament their


On Monday, folks in Green Lake bit into the first batch of new Twinkies.

“It just wasn’t what I expected at 6:05 a.m. It’s totally delicious. It’s really good,” said one lucky passersby who got to taste the treat. “So glad they’re back.”

Others weren't as sure.

“Pretty good, but it’s hard to tell," another passersby said. "Because it’s been a long time. I used to eat them. I used to freeze them and ate the cake around it and then the inside.”

Some people said they taste a little different from before, but just about everyone we spoke with loved and missed the sugary treats.