Commentary: Lynch will return to Seahawks - for a reason no one is talking about

We start with the most frequently asked viewer question over the past two weeks -one we thought we had answered last night, until his agent denied the report: Will Marshawn Lynch return to the Seahawks?

My opinion is yes – but not for the reason most people think.

We know Marshawn is unpredictable. That - in the words of John Schneider – he “beats to the tune of his own drum.” After all, not many 29-year-olds-to-be, still in their prime, would leave millions of dollars on the table to enjoy other things in life. But as Marshawn told our Michelle Ludtka in an exclusive interview, this quote sums up Lynch’s approach to a tee.

“I’m not into telling people what they need to do – So I mean, if it’s in you, then do it. And if it’s not, then (expletive), do you,” Lynch said.

That’s what Lynch will do, in my mind, by eventually agreeing to return to the Seahawks.

And he’ll do it, simply for his top priority: Continuing to build his Fam First Family Foundation, and looking out for his hometown community in Oakland, California.

Yes, Lynch could bow out now, and devote his full time and energy to growing his foundation. But a couple more years in the NFL making a more than 20 million dollars combined…. A couple more years making a ton of money off his clothing line by staying in the spotlight….and a couple more years of visibility….can only help his big-picture vision toward his charitable efforts back home.

Barring a trade, he can’t simply go play for the Raiders. He’s under a contract in Seattle for another year.

Plus, we all know he’s a smart guy. He sees the big picture: His community center is scheduled to open later this year.

There’s no reason for him to leave that much money on the table if he can use a bunch of it to help launch it smoothly and help fund his own charitable programs along the way.

This isn’t meant as a slight to the Seahawks organization, his teammates or any of the 12’s. We’d never doubt Lynch’s loyalty once signed to a new deal. I only argue that his motivations for coming back might just be rooted in his passion for continuing to set the right example for the Oakland youth. Why else would it be the only thing he truly loves talking to the media about? You can hear it in his voice when talking about his foundation’s growth.

“My mind is always on a consistent moving forward, thinking bigger, trying to go higher, trying to go longer,” Lynch said.

So if I’m a betting man, Lynch will eventually return. Maybe not on the Seahawks timeline, but his own.

A couple more years in the NFL - to help further his impact on his hometown’s community profile for decades to come.