Rainy Tuesday morning ahead of Sounders parade

SEATTLE -- Tuesday's weather starts out wet but ends up dry.

Tuesday morning will be wet for all the commuters, so plan on a slow morning commute!

The Sounders Parade starts at about the same time the rain ends, so we have that going for us. It’ll be mild with a noon temperature of around 51 degrees.

Tuesday’s afternoon commute will be dry for all! Wednesday looks pleasant, enjoy!

Thursday starts out dry, but ends up with some rain by the late afternoon hours. Friday looks wet. Saturday looks dry and Sunday looks wet.

None of these systems appear very strong, which means there is no wind storm or flooding event in the forecast. Good news by November standards. Lows around 45 and highs near 54 through the weekend.

Q13 FOX will bring you live coverage of the Sounders Victory Parade on Tuesday following Q13 News This Morning.