Is it legal for my neighbors to let their teen kids smoke pot on their porch?

Q: My neighbor lets her underage son and friends sit on their porch at night smoking pot. I warned her that she and her husband, as the homeowners, could face trouble for allowing this and she said that's changed since pot became legal. Is that the case? -- LizaA: "This is one of those questions that we`re getting a lot right now with the change and status of marijuana in this state and the fact is that the law and the practice is still evolving and we generally treat use of marijuana just as we treat alcohol. So, the first question is, `Is sitting on a porch private or not?` It`s legal to use marijuana in private and generally speaking a porch is going to be viewed as private by most judges and prosecutors and most police officers. The second question really has to do with underage kids. It is legal for a parent to allow a child to use alcohol and I think by extension marijuana in their own home. That is a choice a parent can make. The porch may or may not be viewed within their own home whether it`s private or not, but this part of that evolving debate that we`re having; what`s reasonable and what`s not. The courts are still looking at it. I don`t think it`s smart, I don`t think it`s right for parents to allow their underage kids to smoke marijuana on a porch, but at this point that would generally be viewed as parents can choose to do." -- Bremerton Police Chief Steve Strachan