We wanna fight! -- can a cop come ref it for us?

zzfightQ: Can a cop come mediate a fight between two consenting adults who are cool punching it out with each other? -- Ron from Tacoma A: "Ron, a police officer's not going to be able to come out and mediate a fight between two people, even if they agree to fight, because that's assault is someone gets hurt. We're not going to have the liability of standing around. And, you could be held liable for the assault if you assault the person after they're done. There's too much risk in a mutual fight. If you want to do that, go get sanctioned. Do it in a cage sport. Do it through MMS, and make sure you do it the right way, as a sport, not just sport-fighting in your neighborhood, because that draws other people in, and law enforcement will show up." -- Pierce County Det. Ed Troyer