What do I do if a law enforcement agency sends a 'wanted' flier to my workplace?

Q: A 'wanted' flier described as a 'BOLO' (be on look out) was sent to my work, while some of my co-workers didn't take it seriously I'm concerned and want to know if agencies send the fliers out just as informational or is it more serious? I also want to know what to do if i spot the suspects featured on the flier? – Setira A: “Setira, if somebody sends you a BOLO or informational flyer or a wanted poster there should be a phone number on the bottom of it. If you see that person you'll want to call that number or use the information that's provided to let them know. How you got that in your hands could have come from a lot of different sources. A lot of times those things get out and they get made public to warn people of certain that something or somebody may be in that area and they're being looked for. Whenever you see somebody who's on a poster or in one of those bolos, call 911 or the information listed on the poster and let the police handle it. Those things go out for your information to keep you safe and to make you alert, which it's obviously done, good job!" – Pierce County Det. Ed Troyer