Bursts of wind, rain continue through the weekend

SEATTLE -- There will be periods of wind and rain through the weekend.

Now through Wednesday morning will be wet and breezy. It looks pretty wet for the morning commute. Drive with care.

There will be a break midday Wednesday, but it looks wet and sloppy for the evening commute. Plan on extra time while driving this week. It’ll be breezy Wednesday, too, but the strongest gusts remain up near Whidbey Island and Bellingham with gusts there around 35 mph.

This is not a wind storm, but since it is the first of the season and all the leaves are on the trees they can act as sails, especially on weakened branches from the summer, so isolated power outages are possible as these fronts move through the region.

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    Thursday looks wet and gusty for all. There will also be some isolated thunderstorms with hail, too. Friday looks cool with passing squalls, sun breaks and even some rainbows.

    Saturday will be the coolest day with highs only around 52 degrees. There will be passing storms with some sun breaks and the mountains get a big shot of snow above the passes. Sunday looks sloppy again.

    On a good note, later next week looks nice.