Dreaming of a white Christmas? Here are the places with the best chance historically


SEATTLE -- Meteorologists have compiled data that shows areas of the United States that historically have the best probability of seeing a white Christmas.

"Minnesota. Maine. Upstate New York. The Allegheny Mountains of Pennsylvania and West Virginia. Practically anywhere in Idaho. And of course, the Rockies or the Sierra Nevada Mountains. These are the places where weather history suggests you want to be if you're looking for the best chance of a white Christmas."

The map above shows the historic probability of having more than an inch of snow on the ground on December 25. Areas in gray have 0-10% probability while areas in white have the best chance.

"While the map shows the climatological probability that a snow depth of at least one inch will be observed on December 25, the actual conditions this year may vary widely from these probabilities because the weather patterns present will determine the snow on the ground or snowfall on Christmas day," NOAA forecasters said. "These probabilities are useful as a guide only to show where snow on the ground is more likely."

As of today, long-range forecast models are showing temperatures around Puget Sound in the low to mid 40s for Christmas.

Higher elevations could keep snow on the ground with highs predicted in the 20s and low 30s.

But remember, things could change! We'll keep you updated on Q13 News and keep checking our free weather app for the latest forecast.