Historic heat wave continues as Sea-Tac reaches second highest temp in recorded history

The Excessive Heat Warning still in effect today for all of Washington. By mid-day Saturday, SeaTac already saw temperatures soar up over 100, setting a new daily record for June 26th. This now the second hottest day on record for the airport next to July 29, 2009 when SeaTac hit 103.  

We can thank the heat dome that's bringing a historic heatwave to the Pacific Northwest. A very strong ridge of high pressure coupled with a thermal trough on the coast will help funnel hot north and easterly winds across the entire state. Highs will peak on the coast Sunday, and along I-5 on Monday as the thermal trough moves inland.

The record heat is why our Q13 Fox Weather Team issued a "Weather Alert" for the next two days.  An Excessive Heat Warning is in effect for the entire state until 9 p.m. Monday. Highs will be in the dangerous 90s to triple digits.

Here's a look at some of the hottest days ever for SeaTac.  

Don't forget to keep a close watch on your furry friends! Paws can burn very quickly when temperatures push into the 90s.  At 95 it only takes one minute for a pet's paw to burn on asphalt and five minutes on concrete.  Keep your pets cool by wetting their fur, having them lay on a cold/wet towel, and make sure they drink lots of water too!  

The next two possibly three days have the potential to break more heat records.  Sunday and Monday's forecast of 100+ highs should smash the current records of 92 and 91 and we may see a run at Tuesday's high as well.  Although Tuesday will cool almost 20 degrees from Monday as onshore flow returns sending in that nice sea breeze.  Highs will be very close to the record of 93. We're forecasting low 90s so we shall see! Stay tuned! 

The rest of the week we drop back into the 80s and that will feel much more comfortable, but still above average for this time of year! 

Keep cool all!  Find some shade and have a great rest of the weekend! 

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