Sea-Tac hits all-time record high at 108F

We did it again! I'm talking about setting a new all-time record high at Sea-Tac. We topped out at 108 degrees and the previous record was set at 104 degrees just yesterday! This marks the third day in a row that we've been in the triple digits. All-time records have been set at multiple locations today and we're still not done with this heat wave.

Here is a look at our high temperatures across the state from earlier today. Now, let that soak in! 

The *Excessive Heat Warning* will remain in effect until tomorrow night. Staying hydrated is key over the next week. We'll continue with above normal highs through the week ahead.

Temperatures won't be as hot tomorrow, but that doesn't mean we should relax on our precautions. Temperatures will continue to soar under sunny skies. 

The temperatures will continue to drop and return into the mid-upper 80s this week. As this happens, it's still up to us to check in on loved ones, pets, stay hydrated and protect our skin. There is no rain in the forecast so this will amplify our fire risk as well. Let's be mindful of this in the coming weeks!

Have a good one :)