We're in the 'Green Zone' for air quality...and that's a go for healthy breathing!

What a gorgous Sunday! After the clouds and fog lifted today we saw temps jump up above the norm! 

We're all celebrating clean breathing!  Our air quality is back to the "green zone" across nearly the whole state.  Index values are near 20 for the metro area! Finally, after nearly two weeks of unhealthy levels, we're on the right track as we say goodbye to summer and welcome in fall! 

We're saying goodbye to the months of t-shirts and shorts and trading them in for Autumn coasts and rain gear.  Fall officially arriving Tuesday morning. 

Monday and Tuesday look very similar to a weak ridge over us.  We'll start both days out cloudy conditions and some patchy morning fog that gives way to some nice afternoon sunshine.  Highs in the upper 60s with an overnight in the mid-50s. 

Look-out Wednesday!  A strong front is on the way giving us that one-two punch.  Rain will move in off the northwest coast late Tuesday into the early morning hours of Wednesday. We'll see some decent cells rolling through that may even deliver a few thunderstorms. Some places along the coast could see up to two to three inches of rain.  Expect winds to kick up as well with this latest system. Welcome the Fall season!   Highs will cool into the low to mid-60s.

Cool and shower weather will carry us through the rest of the week and possibly into the weekend, keeping our temps only in the mid-60s.  Brr!   

Stay dry and enjoy the clean air!  Have a great week all!  Erin


  • Erin Mayovsky, Q13 Forecaster

Twitter:  @ErinMayovsky

FaceBook:  /ErinMayovsky

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