1-pound premature baby born on cruise ship finally arrives home

OGDEN, Utah -- A baby who has spent the past two months in a Miami hospital after his premature birth on a cruise ship reached his final destination in Utah.

Baby Haiden arrived home in Ogden on Saturday night after a flight that included medical equipment to ensure safe transport.

Emily Morgan and her husband were on a seven-day cruise around the eastern Caribbean on Aug. 31 when she started experiencing contractions.

The baby was not due until December, and Morgan's doctor had approved the trip.

"Supposedly I had miscarried him, so that was a difficult thing to go through, and then all of a sudden, 45 minutes later, they said he is alive," Emily Morgan told KSTU. "It's just been a fighting chance every day, really."

The 1 1/2 pound boy was hospitalized in Puerto Rico and then transferred to a children's hospital in Miami a few days later.

Morgan says Haiden will be hospitalized in Ogden for the next several weeks but hopes he will be home for Christmas.

"I never have had a doubt that he wasn't going to make it, and I still don't."