2 charged in connection with deadly Yakama Reservation crime spree

YAKIMA COUNTY, Wash. -- Two men are charged in a convoluted crime spree on the Yakama Reservation that left five people dead and two others injured, according to court documents.

Authorities say the men held a child at gunpoint during a carjacking while trying to escape. James Cloud and Donovan Cloud are each charged with one count of assault with a dangerous weapon.

The shooting happened Saturday afternoon in the White Swan area about 30 miles south of the city of Yakima in central Washington.

Investigators said there were three different locations spanning the reservation. At the first scene, four people were found dead on Medicine Valley Road. About 13 miles away, a fifth person was found dead on Evans Road, along with two people injured in a vehicle. The armed carjacking also took place on Evans Road.

Court documents say four suspects first stole a vehicle at the crime scene but the vehicle broke down less than 10 miles away. That's when two of the suspects took off on foot and were arrested shortly after.

The other two suspects, James Cloud and Donovan Cloud, went up to a house and showed their guns. One of the men reportedly held a gun to a child's head and demanded the homeowners hand over the keys to their car.

Yakima County Sheriff Robert Udell said they stole the pickup and took off again. No one was injured in the carjacking. Authorities had arrested all four suspects by early Monday morning.

"If you consider the complexity of this case -- five victims, four suspects, a crime scene that spans several miles...to get everybody in custody, all four, is a huge achievement," Udell told Q13's news partner KVEW.

The FBI, Yakama Nation Police Department and the Yakima County Sheriff's Office are investigating. On Monday night, the FBI confirmed that two people are in custody in connection to the killings. It is unclear if the other two suspects had been released.