5 hospitalized following Kent HazMat situation

KENT -- Emergency crews took five people to local hospitals Monday morning for treatment to exposure of a possible airborne chemical, stemming from a HazMat situation at an area business.

Fire crews responded to an undisclosed business in the 19800 block of 84th Avenue south in Kent after five employees went to the company's nurses station, reporting shortness of breath and complaining of dizziness. Nurses called the Kent Fire Department, and all five workers were transported to local hospitals.

One other person was treated at the scene for medical issues unrelated to the HazMat, the Kent Fire Department said.

HazMat teams investigated the "chemical problem" at the scene. However, no obvious source was found, crews said. The building was ventilated to remove any remaining airborne chemicals.

At no time was anyone outside the building in danger, fire department crews said.

The company is investigating the incident, the fire department said.