5-year-old critically injured after falling from Marysville home window

A 5-year-old boy was critically injured after falling from a two-story window at home in Marysville. 

Medics with the Marysville Fire District treated the child at the scene and was taken to the hospital on Saturday.            

Marysville fire officials said Snohomish County had 22 window falls at single-family homes. At least six falls happened in Marysville. 


Keeping children safe from window falls

With warmer temperatures this summer, many people are seeking relief by opening windows but this can be dangerous for families with children. 

Injuries were from minor abrasions, major skull fractures and spinal cord injuries.         

"We want to prevent this heartache for another family because it can happen so quickly and it really can happen to anyone," said Christie Veley, Marysville Fire District’s Public Education and Information Specialist. "We know that caregivers are doing their absolute best. It’s our job to support them by sharing tools and education that will help keep children safer."