54 guinea pigs rescued from filthy, overcrowded cages in Kitsap County

The Kitsap Human Society is caring for dozens of neglected guinea pigs, some of which will be available for adoption as early as next week. 

The agency reported on its Facebook page that animal control officers rescued 54 guinea pigs from filthy, overcrowded cages kept outdoors on a property in Seabeck. An anonymous tip led animal control officers to the site. 

"Most of the guinea pigs are in good condition but several have torn ears and sore foot pads from living in dirty cages," KHS said. 

The guinea pigs were being raised to sell. Investigators said most of the rescued guinea pigs are female juveniles. Twelve of them are pregnant. 

Officers also found a dog covered in mats and fleas. 

The humane society is rallying foster homes for the guinea pigs until they are ready for adoption. You can learn more about the humane society here