A different kind of radar gun? Device would detect text messaging behind the wheel

NEW YORK -- Police radar guns are used to detect speeding, but what if they could also sniff out texters?

According to Pilotonline.com, a Virginia company is developing a radar gun that would do exactly that.

The company claims radio frequencies emitted from a cellphone could be used to tell if someone inside a car is using a phone, surfing the internet or texting.

The technology is similar to that used by cable repairmen, Pilotonline.com reported. During a text message, phone call or data transfer, different frequencies are emitted from the phone that can be easily detected using the right frequency.

Texting behind the wheel is banned in Washington. But as of now, police have to visualize the perpetrator in the act to ticket them, which can be difficult at high speeds.

If produced, the radar device would have to clear various legal hurdles and be approved by the Legislature.