Abandoned kitten found with upsetting note

KIRKLAND --  A woman on a routine walk made a startling discovery when she found a box with a kitten inside and a startling note that asked for help.

When Rachel opened the box she saw two things inside.

"Saw this little kitten in there with that terrible note," Rachel said. That terrible note read, "My Mommy's boyfriend is mean to me. Desperet for loving home."

Rachel said, "How horrible that some poor little child felt desperate enough to put this kitten in a cardboard box because he or she didn’t know what else to do."

Meow Cat Rescue in Kirkland took the kitten in. She weighed no more than a pound and was covered in fleas but now she is eating a lot and beginning to thrive.

Officials at the animal shelter say the kitten has brought a lot of attention to the cause. The kitten wont be adoptable for several weeks but the shelter has other adoptable kittens and cats ready for loving homes.

To find out more about Meow, you can calll 425-822-MEOW or visit meowcatrescue.org