At least 13 car break-ins in one night in Kirkland; police issue warning

KIRKLAND -- Detectives saw a string of 13 car prowls in Kirkland on one night this week, police say, and all the victims left valuables such as wallets, laptops and purses in sight.

Cops say the 13 car break-ins happened Monday night but they started receiving reports about the crimes the following day.

Emily LaFramboise woke up Tuesday morning to find her SUV window smashed and her iPod Nano stolen.

"The thought of somebody else in my car and touching my car just freaks me out and I wont drive it yet," LaFramboise said.

Police say you should never leave expensive things in your car for any amount of time.

Police Lt. Mike Murray said, "They come to Kirkland, or they come to Bellevue because they know they're going to find valuable stuff that people leave in their cars and it's just like shopping and it's easy for them."

Police also urge people to keep an eye out for suspicious people in their neighborhood and call police if you see anyone that appears to be out of place.