Baby had "a touch of God that day": Deputy describes rescuing newborn buried alive

A Los Angeles County sheriff's deputy who dug a newborn girl out of a hole where she was buried alive on Friday, says he believes the infant had "a touch of God that day" to survive.

Deputy Adam Collette described for reporters Monday how he kneeled on asphalt near a bike path last week and heard the muffled cries of the child.

Collette, a father of two young daughters, says he knew from the sound that the baby was hungry and cold.

The deputy says that when he removed asphalt and rubble covering the child and held her, he could see the relief in her face.

The baby was "cold to the touch" and wrapped in what appeared to be a hospital blanket, the sheriff's office said.

Picture of newborn found abandoned in Los Angeles County. Sheriff deputy found her alive.

"There's indications that the child was born at a medical facility or at a hospital...because of the blanket," LA Sheriff's Dept. Sgt. Marvin Jaramilla told journalists on Saturday.

Doctors say the baby might have died within hours, but she's now stable and healthy at a hospital. Officials are asking the unknown mother to come forward.

Los Angeles County does have a Baby Safe Surrender Program, where parents can surrender their baby at any hospital or fire station in the county, no questions asked.