Bail bond agents shoot, kill Pierce County mom while trying to take son into custody

GRAHAM, Wash. -- A deadly confrontation unfolded between a 60-year-old woman and three bail bond agents inside a Graham home Wednesday morning.

Police said it happened as the bail bond agents tried to take her adult son into custody.

Investigators said the three were after 30-year-old Aaron New.

Police said New had an outstanding $50,000 DUI warrant, and a warrant out for his arrest for violating an order of protection that had been filed by his own mother, Katharine New.

Police said the bail bond agents told them that during the confrontation Aaron’s mother pulled a gun. But her partner said she never had a firearm.

“I witnessed the whole thing,” said Kevin Veale, her partner.

Veale said he watched the scene unfold right in his own living room.

Police said the bail bond agents told them that Katharine New confronted them while they were trying to subdue her son.

Aaron New is no stranger to law enforcement, and has been arrested more than 20 times for crimes ranging from DUI to domestic violence.

Cops said Katharine interrupted the bail bond agents and then pulled out a gun – that’s when one agent Tasered her and another shot her in the leg. Medics rushed her to a local hospital but she died a few hours later.

“Would you be in good shape if you seen your partner right in front of you get shot and killed? It’s not a very good feeling,” said Veale.

Aaron’s brother Patrick said he was shocked to hear what happened.

“I really don’t want to talk about it,” he said, “My family is all at home waiting for me.”

Police are investigating the three bail bond agents and said they are being cooperative.

Bail bond agents are not law enforcement officers.

“They have a right in this state to go and retrieve a person to make themselves monetarily whole if somebody skips out on bail,” said Pierce County sheriff's detective Ed Troyer. “But they’re also citizens, they’re not law enforcement. So we are investigating this just like we would any other shooting.”

Family members said Katharine never had a firearm and they hope to find justice later in court.

“Killing an unarmed person is justified?” asked Veale. “No, that’s not justified.”

Police arrested Aaron New but not the bail bond agents. Now, the case heads to the prosecutor’s office to determine if any charges will be filed.