Bellevue teens win Technovation Award for innovative abortion support app

A team of four talented teenagers from Bellevue are making waves in the tech world after clinching an award at this year's Technovation competition. 

According to the Federal Way Mirror, the annual event brings together girls from across the globe to create innovative apps aimed at tackling real-world challenges. Their creation? An app designed to provide critical support for out-of-state abortion patients.

14-year-old Hasini Juluri and Isabel Xu, along with their 12-year-old sisters Aditi Juluri and Cynthia Xu, stood out among a competitive field of entries to secure their place as one of seven regional winners representing the U.S. The app, which is designed to help individuals seeking abortion care outside their home state find safe and private accommodation, is already generating considerable buzz in the tech community.

Much like the popular lodging platform Airbnb, the app is engineered to connect those in need of temporary housing while accessing out-of-state abortion services with reputable hosts who have been meticulously vetted for safety and privacy. This pioneering concept is poised to make a significant difference in the lives of individuals who often find themselves navigating challenges when seeking such medical care.

While the app is not yet available for public use, the recognition it has received at Technovation has provided a significant boost to its development. In addition to the prestige that comes with winning the award, the Bellevue teens have been awarded prize money and an educational stipend by Technovation. These resources will be instrumental in helping the team transform their visionary idea into a tangible, user-friendly platform.