Bloodworks Northwest testing all blood donations this month for COVID-19 antibodies

Bloodworks Northwest is testing all blood donations for Covid-19 antibodies this month to help find more convalescent plasma donors.

Mary Lou Hanske donated blood for the first time to see if she has the antibodies to possibly save a sick patient battling the virus. 

"I always feel really good when I'm helping someone's life," said Hanske.

The nonprofit said the need for blood donations and convalescent plasma is greater than ever because of the recent spike in Covid-19 cases.

"Over the past month or so, the nation's use of convalescent plasma for patients fighting Covid-19 has been higher than the nation's collection of plasma, so we're actually burning down the stockpile. We're depleting the shelves," said Curt Bailey, President and CEO of Bloodworks Northwest.

So far, Bloodworks Northwest has reached out to thousands of donors who tested positive for Covid-19 antibodies, like Kris Ollogo.

"I have been called and told I had the antibodies and asked if I would be interested in donating plasma for the research study, so I said sure I'll do it. This blood will save somebody," said Ollogo.

All plasma donations will be used to help treat patients right here in Washington and Oregon. 

If you'd like to donate blood, you must make an appointment. Walk-ins are not allowed due to Covid-19. You can schedule an appointment here: