Buzz behind the Mariners: Swarm of bees delays game

ANAHEIM -- Finally, some buzz behind the Mariners.

A large swarm of bees delayed Sunday's Mariners-Angles game for 23 minutes, causing many players to run for cover.

"I've never seen bees like that," Mariners Manager Eric Wedge told "I didn't know what was going on out there for a while, but I'm glad nobody got stung."

Umpires pulled Mariners players off the field as a swarm of bees settled in the outfield in the bottom of the third inning. A fan and local apiarist from a beehive removal company volunteered his services and pursued the swarm with a Gatorade bucket and a kind of repellent, helping chase away the bees so play could resume. The bees vacated the stadium shortly, but later returned in smaller numbers.

Angels' player C.J. Wilson said the whole scene was quite bizarre.

"It was like a Seinfeld episode," Wilson told

The Mariners won the game, 3-2.