Could these 6 simple steps REALLY get you an 86% bigger Chipotle burrito for no extra money?

Leave it to the intern to solve everything.

While interning at Apartment List, Dylan Grosz did something that is currently breaking the internet.

Grosz used science to hack the Chipotle restaurant menu and reveal 6 simple steps that he says statistically yield a burrito that is on average 86% larger that the usual burrito.

But the mondo-creation doesn't cost one cent more.

Grosz wrote on the company blog that it all started when his coworkers were discussing Chipotle hacks.

"So I took my geeky love of data and my black hole of a belly to Chipotle for several days and ordered 5 burritos each day (35 burritos total), then returned to the Apartment List office to meticulously separate out and weigh the ingredients," wrote Grosz. "Finally, I combined all the best methods to confirm the total burrito size increase"

Without further ado, here are the 6-steps Grosz recommends:

1.     Order the bowl to get 15% more than burrito alone
2.    Order two tortillas on the side to increase total weight by 25% (you'll have to wrap the end result yourself)
3.    Order both kinds of rice for 93% more rice
4.    Order both bean options to get 92% more beans
5.    Order ½ of two meats to get 54% more total meat
6.    Ask for the free ingredients they rarely offer to increase size by 15% (fajita veggies and corn salsa)

"By using each of the six tricks I suggest, you may end up with a little less cheese and salsa (that comes at the end, when your bowl will already be pretty full), but you get a lot more rice, beans, and meat," wrote Grosz.  "My final burrito weighed 86% more than the control."

We tweeted Chipotle to see what folks there though.  So far we have not heard back.