Dealing with frigid temperatures in Western Washington

SEATTLE —Cold temperatures pose concerns for people playing or working outside.  People were wrapped up and swiftly walking along the pier Wednesday night.  In the chilly Puget Sound, cruise ships look virtually empty.

“My body can’t always handle the cold as well so I’m usually held up in my room a lot,” said Jessica Kim.

We’ve seen the troubles wintry weather has brought to our area over the past few weeks.  That’s why there’s plenty of salt on the ground.  SeaTac Hardware says that’s one of a few essential winter-time staples, along with foam to keep your pipes from freezing.

“Even though the expenditure is there initially, you’re talking about thousands of dollars of protection in your house. If a pipe breaks you have to bring a plumber; it gets costly,” said SeaTac Hardware sales representative Alan Linville.

The Great Wheel is all lit up in green for the Seahawks game Thursday night, but in this biting cold no one’s taking a ride.

“I was in the British Virgin Islands island-hopping for 10 days on a yacht,” said Brian Dawson.

Dawson was a bit unprepared for Seattle’s cold snap when he arrived to help with the TV production of the big game.

“I didn’t want to get off the plane. I wanted to go back to Florida. It’s cold here today. And very damp and chilly. I mean I’m bundled up but I live in Florida. I own two pairs of long pants,” said Dawson.

Dressing appropriately for the winter weather is a must, so take some advice from 11-year-old Allyn Elliott-Heye, who couldn’t wait to hit the ice rink at the Seattle Center.

“Bundle up! Because you’re coming down here and you’re going to enjoy this,” said Allyn Elliott-Heye.

And the National Weather Service in Seattle tweeted that the next shot of cold air will bring low wind chills to Whatcom County Thursday night and early Friday. The NWS said wind chills could reach 0 to minus-10 degrees.

The CDC sends these tips if you’re going to be working outside or cheering on the Hawks at CenturyLink Field.  Wear appropriate outdoor clothing like layers.  Protect extremities, your fingers and toes.  Always have your cellphone handy in case of emergency.