Delta Air Lines pilots going paperless with Microsoft

SEATTLE -- Delta Air Lines unveiled a plan on Monday to go paperless by supplying thousands of its pilots with Microsoft Surface 2 tablets.

The airline said 11,000 of its pilots would receive the tablets. The devices would serve as replacements for paper-based flight kits that include navigational charts and reference manuals.

In addition to giving pilots access to real-time information and updates, Delta predicted that the tablets would help save the company $13 million a year in fuel and other costs. The tablets would also reduce clutter and be a more environmentally-friendly alternative to paper.

Delta said that Boeing 757 and 767 fleets would be the first to receive the tablets starting later this year. The airline planned to have all of its crews using tablets by the end of 2014.

Delta expected to receive FAA approval to use the tablets during flight next year, following extensive testing on some of its aircraft.

More information about Delta's move to use Microsoft tablets can be found here.