Detectives bust 'chop-shop' linked to stolen cars

SNOHOMISH COUNTY -- Investigators recovered two stolen cars from a suspected chop-shop Wednesday afternoon.

The Snohomish County Auto Theft Task Force served a search warrant at the home on the 3900 block of Rose Road near Lake Goodwin.

Inside the garage, investigators said they found the missing cars along with piles of auto parts and tires. A stolen boat was also discovered.

"Since October first of 2014 within a one mile radius of this address patrol has recovered 13 chopped up and abandoned stolen vehicles," said Detective Terry Haldeman.

Detectives have identified other suspected chop-shops throughout the county.

So far this year, the task force has recovered over $100,000 in stolen cars, trucks, and construction equipment.

Investigators say thieves will often strip the stolen cars and sell the parts.

"The parts are worth more than the whole," said Haldeman.

No one was home when detectives served the search warrant. So far no arrests, but investigators have identified the suspects.