Detectives looking through phone of Redmond lifeguard accused of voyeurism

REDMOND, Wash. -- A lifeguard at the Hartman Pool in Redmond has been accused of voyeurism -- and now parents have a lot of questions.

Police say a 25-year-old male lifeguard  confessed to taping up his cell phone inside a women's locker room.

“It was their staff female locker room; there were teenagers who were in the facility at the time,” Redmond Police spokeswoman Becky Range said.

A girl on the Woodinville High School swim team who also happens to work at the pool discovered the cell phone taped to a wall in the locker room Wednesday morning and reported it her coach.

“You know it’s a scary thought that a young girl to have that possible blemish for the rest of her life,” parent Amber Arnold said.

Thursday morning, detectives obtained a warrant to search the lifeguard’s cell phone and iPad. Police say the lifeguard voluntarily handed over his computer.

“We don’t know what was actually captured by the cell phone,” Range said.

But detectives hope to have answers soon so they can alleviate the concerns.

“I hope they find out that this was the only incident, that it was this boy’s first attempt to do anything and that it hasn’t been going on for a while,” Arnold said.

As they wait for more details, parents say Wave Aquatics, the company that manages and maintains the city-owned building and pool, did the right thing by suspending the  lifeguard immediately.

“They took action against him, I’m fine coming back,” parent Misba Mansuri said.

“They are being so open and upfront about it instead of hiding; it makes me feel like they are doing everything they can to fix the situation,” Arnold said.

As an extra precaution, Redmond police say the city changed the locks to the building.

The suspect is a Redmond resident. He has been released from custody as the investigation continues.