Dispatcher talks woman down from I-90 bridge suicide attempt

SEATTLE- Around 10:00 a.m. Christmas morning, a woman called 911 saying she was about to jump from the I-90 bridge between Mercer Island and Bellevue. A short distance away, her daughter was inside her parked vehicle along with a note on who should take care of her once her mother was gone.

That dispatcher tells her story today on what she did to try to save this woman's life.

She was able to ask her questions and stall her long enough for Washington State Patrol troopers to get on scene and locate her. Sgt. Curt Boyle was one of the first to arrive, and as he started walking towards the woman, he says she made a move to jump up over the railing, but says he was able to grab her and pull her down to safety.

Sgt. Boyle says the woman disclosed being a victim of domestic violence and that she felt she was "at the end with nowhere else to go".

She is now at a local hospital, and WSP says her daughter is safe at an undisclosed location.

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