District emergency issued for potential flooding along White River

KING COUNTY -- Officials with the Army Corps of Engineers and King County are warning neighbors living near the White River by declaring a district emergency because of the threat of flooding.

The warning is to address current weather conditions and a growing pool in the reservoir at Mud Mountain Dam in Enumclaw on the White River.

Lori lives right next to the White River. She's so close she can hear the river roaring on days when the water is really rushing from heavy rains.

She said she will keep a watchful eye on the river because of this recent warning.

"I will pay more attention to the water now. In fact, I will probably go down there and take a walk down there tomorrow and see exactly where we are at."

King County residents can sign up to receive flood warning alerts. To learn more visit https://green2.kingcounty.gov/floodalertsystem/