Donald Trump supporters, opponents clash on UW campus

SEATTLE -- At a pro-Donald Trump rally at the University of Washington, some anti-Trump opponents also showed up.

On the university’s Red Square, Trump supporters built a makeshift red brick wall, a symbolic rendition of Trump's proposed wall to enforce the nation’s immigration policy on the southern border with Mexico.

At the same time, Trump opponents surrounded it with a 30-foot banner that said, “No tolerance for walls or hate.”

They also chanted an anti-Trump slogan.

"Say it loud, say it clear!  Immigrants are welcome here!”

They shouted the slogan in an attempt to shout down Trump supporters.

“This is pretty much going up against what they believe,” said anti-Trump protester David Granadof.  “This is something we don’t tolerate.  It may not affect them, but it does affect us.”

Organizers of the rally say it was about backing Trump and changing the nation’s immigration policy.

Demonstrators like UW student Conner Coleman said he was there to support the presumed Republican nominee for president.

“I’m definitely campaigning for Donald Trump and the dire need for immigration reform in the United States of America,” Coleman said.

“The United States already has a border infrastructure.  And it’s very much neglected,” he added.  “As somebody who personally wants to join U.S. Customs and Border Protection and has done research as I get ready to graduate and go into the work force, I’ve seen the Border Patrol union’s support of Donald Trump.  They need the help they can get.”

The rally went on despite a big flap over who would sponsor it.

The  University of Washington College Republicans bowed out after a dispute over whether the rally should focus on the issues, or on Trump as a candidate.