'Don’t ever give up:' Kent student's message for families going back-to-school

Thousands of families are going back to school in Washington this week, including Yuliya Krupey.

She’s a sixth-grader at Sunrise Elementary School in Kent. We previously interviewed her back in August when she was disappointed to learn her district would start the school year in a full-remote learning style.

“It was probably the most saddest first day of school I ever had,” said Krupey. “When my teacher was talking, it was glitching. Some people couldn’t hear me. It was really bad.”

While it wasn’t the full bells and whistles, Krupey styled her hair in a bun with a Hawaiian flower accessory, a fun shirt to match and she did a little makeup.

“I just put on a pretty shirt, but no one was going to look at my pants so I just put on some shorts under,” said Krupey.

The first day of school was anticlimactic for Krupey’s mom as well.

 “Usually I take a day off. We do her hair. We buy her outfit. Take lots of pictures. Flowers. Memories, pictures with teachers. This year just feels really sad,” said Luba Krupey. “For some kids, it’s easier. For some kids it’s hard. [Tutoring] would be really helpful for kids who need extra help.”

Krupey showed us her desk at home, which had a whiteboard with an inspirational reminder she wrote to herself that says “You got this, Yuliya.” She’s sharing her motivation with every student going back to school.

“I just wrote down ‘you got this’ because I know I always got this even though it’s from online or in public school,” said Krupey. “Don’t ever give up. If there’s drama just move on with your life. You don’t need it. Just act like yourself, be yourself, and if you have a goal you can achieve it.”

Krupey told Q13 News she’d rather wear a face mask for six hours in school than do remote learning from home.

Half of the respondents in a Kent School District survey said they prefer remote learning this school year amid the Covid-19 pandemic.