Doorbell camera shows delivery driver sip milkshake before giving it to boy

STOCKTON, Calif. - A doorbell camera captured a DoorDash delivery driver appearing to take a sip of the very milkshake he’s about to deliver to a Stockton home, according to KTXL.

The Malhotras didn’t know what had happened until the next morning when they checked the footage.

"I looked at it, 'Hey, the guy who delivered the food was sipping out of my son’s Cold Stone,'" homeowner Rajesh Malhotra told KTXL.

Malhotra said he likes buying delivery items but now he’s going to think twice before placing his next order.

"(I thought), 'Whoa, that’s crazy.' I mean, how can someone jeopardize the product like that, especially the food?"Malhotra said.

It was Malhotra's 14-year-old son who answered the door.

"I felt really disgusted about what had happened," said Rishab Malhotra.

He told KTXL he enjoyed his cookies and cream milkshake until the next day when he learned he wasn't the only one who tried his drink.

"Then my dad told me to check out the video from last night and once I checked it out I brushed five, six times. I felt really disgusted," Rishab said.

The Malhotra say they’re glad no one got sick from the incident but the experience left them with a sour taste.

"We have trust between the company and the drivers," Rajesh Malhotra said. "Once that trust is broken, we can’t go back."

Now all they want is an apology from DoorDash and a promise it won’t happen again to someone else.

"They just need proper training and then an apology, 'Hey, what you did was wrong.' And we want to make sure he doesn't do that to other people," Rajesh Malhotra said.

The homeowner told KTXL he reported the incident to the company the next day and even provided a copy of the video. That was more than two weeks ago. The family is still waiting to hear back from DoorDash.

KTXL reached out to DoorDash as well and is waiting for their reply.