Drivers brace for backups through Tacoma this weekend: 2 major construction projects

TACOMA -- Two construction projects could create backups and delays for drivers in Tacoma. The Washington State Department of Transportation will be reducing lanes on southbound I-5 and the Tacoma Narrows Bridge over the weekend.

Starting August 26th, crews will reduce SR 16 to two lanes in each direction at the Tacoma Narrows Bridge for bridge paving. The eastbound lanes of the bridge will be used to carry eastbound and westbound traffic across the Narrows. The lanes reopen August 29 with additional closures expected September 9th-12th.

At 10 p.m. Friday, WSDOT will also reduce southbound I-5 to two lanes between Portland Avenue and M Street. This is part of a project to add HOV lanes. The lanes reopen Monday morning.

“We are expecting a lot of traffic this weekend so the more time you can give yourself as we close lanes to take care of the roads the better for you,” said WSDOT spokesperson Doug Adamson.

WSDOT is expecting lengthy traffic delays and major congestion during the weekend closures.