Early voters say they're focused on two big measures

SEATTLE -- Election Day is Tuesday, but some voters are getting their ballots in early.

Saturday, sunny and clear skies brought out a lot of people in Ballard, and a few of them used the opportunity to stop by at the ballot drop box next to the Ballard Library.

“There’s a lot of interest in this election,” said Nancy Beck, who cast her ballot on Saturday.

A big focus this year is on two different measures: Initiative 976 and Referendum 88.

Initiative 976 would lower car tabs to $30 for most drivers. If it passes, the state will lose billions intended to go toward infrastructure projects like light rail.

While some would love to see their car tabs lowered, others are voting against I-976.

“I will pay if it means we’re taking care of our community,” said Lydia Frank, who dropped off her ballot Saturday.

Referendum 88 is a measure focused on affirmative action.

Earlier this year, lawmakers reinstated affirmative action, after it had been revoked about 20 years ago.

A vote in favor of Referendum 88 keeps affirmative action on the books.

“You have to take action to ensure that those who aren’t getting a fair shake for many reasons in our society have an opportunity to have equity,” said Frank.

You still have until Tuesday to mail in or drop off your ballot You must get the ballot in by 8 p.m.

No stamp is needed.

If you have not registered to vote, the deadline for mail or online has passed, but you can still go to a voting center in person until 8 p.m. on Election Day.