Edmonds schools restore internet following data breach, warn of possible ID theft

Someone hacked into the Edmonds School District network, gaining access to the private information of faculty, students, and parents.

According to the district, the hacker had access for about two weeks. The information included social security numbers, driver’s license numbers, financial account info, medical info, student records, student identification numbers, dates of birth and more.

The district is warning parents of the possibility of identity theft and fraud. They are also providing information that families can follow to protect themselves.

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However, the district has not determined who may be a victim to this data breach. District officials tell FOX 13 News they are still investigating.

When they determine who has been impacted, the plan is to send paper letters to the victims.

"The data breach is scary, for sure. But all school activities are basically pen and paper," said Stacy Wells.

Wells’ daughter is a freshman at Edmonds-Woodway High School.

She says her child is locked out of all technology, including email access, her Chromebook, schedules and grades—a major issue for seniors and their college applications.

"[My daughter] said it’s like going to school in the 1980s," said Wells.

The district announced late Monday afternoon that internet service is restored. However, families and parents still have to do some work before things are back to normal.

Starting Tuesday, the district is asking all students to bring in their Chromebooks, and all secondary students to bring in their ASB cards.

The hope is to get everything restored by Friday.

The district says to deal with the resetting process, high schools will operate on a block schedule on Tuesday and Wednesday, and middle schools will operate on a block schedule Thursday and Friday.

The password reset process will take place in English, special education English, and multilingual learner classes.

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Pre-K–6th grade students will regain access to their district-issued Chromebooks through this week.

As far as grading, the district says report cards should be available during the week of Feb. 21–24.