Experts say check your tire tread, before treading out on Monday

PUYALLUP, Wash. – Tire experts in Puyallup were slammed Sunday night leading into Monday’s forecast for snow. People were rushing to buy snow tires at Pep Boys and outfit their vehicles before the bad weather starts.

“Definitely call ahead, definitely call ahead,” said Melissa Miles, the Puyallup Pep Boys service manager. She said this past week has been nonstop busy.

“Please call ahead.”

If you’re looking to buy snow tires last minute, Miles said to call your local vendor first to see if they have what you need. Between having the correct sizes in stock and the time to put them on, you could be in for a fight.

“It’s been going on for the last week,” she said. “It’s just been crazy busy.”

If you have snow tires already or don’t plan on purchasing new tires, make sure to check the treads on what you have. Bumps run along several cross sections on the tire, called tread wear indicators.

“You’re going to want to turn your wheel all the way to one side, left or right, so your tire is facing out,” said Mills. “You can see that tread wear indicator or feel it with your fingers.” Mills said if the bumps are flush with the rest of your tread, you need new tires.

“The weather is supposed to be crappy this week, so I figured I would get them early,” said Garry Dietz. Dietz was waiting for new tires to be put on his son’s car, a Christmas gift he didn’t want to wait to give.

“They were getting a little thin, and I don’t trust his driving in the winter time,” said Dietz.