FANTAGIO’s newest boy group LUN8 talks debut, idol life, and goals for their first year

Fantagio’s first new boy group since ASTRO made their debut this summer.

LUN8 debuted in June with the title track "Wild Heart". The music video has surpassed 10 million views so far and counting. The title track is a part of a five-track EP called "CONTINUE?".

Member DoHyun explains, "Firstly, the name of the album ‘CONTINUE?’ is meant to show that LUN8 will face any challenges without giving up, like pressing the ‘continue’ button when we restart a game, and the lyrics in the songs refer to LUN8’s passion and ambition to make it through any challenges."

The dream of debuting was something the members had long thought of.

"Before debut, I would imagine fans cheering, but when I actually heard them after our debut it was way louder than I thought! It gave me chills. I still vividly remember that moment," the youngest member, EunSeop says.

Takuma explains the moment he knew he wanted to become an idol. 

"When I was in 8th grade I went to BTS’s concert with my mom. The intro performance was "Not Today". They were so cool right from the beginning and I was mesmerized by their powerful performance. Since then, I have dreamt of becoming an artist like them," he says.

With new groups debuting every month, success in the industry can look different for every member.

Ian says, "When we went on a music show for the first time in the last part of the hook, we kneeled and then the confetti cannons were fired. While watching the confetti I thought ‘I have finally made it,’ ‘I have finally achieved my first goal!’ I was so happy"

Like many new groups, the members have the short-term goal of winning the Rookie of the Year award and a world tour in the future.