Farmers working to protect livestock during major flooding in Carnation

CARNATION, Wash. -- Area farmers say this some of the worst flooding they've ever seen. Farms including Carnation Farms looked more like giant lakes.

"I don't know how high that water is going to get. Usually, those of us who have been here a long time and farm here a long time know exactly what a flood crest looks like. This is exceptional because it was already full of water," said Hannah Cavendish-Palmer with Carnation Farms.

Cavendish-Palmer says the floods make it hard to do business. Farmers have been sticking together sharing storage facilities and infrastructures outside of the flood plain and protecting livestock.

"We are constantly moving our flocks, and during a flood event, we do that more carefully so that we make sure they're safe. There's a lot of cooperative activity among farmers to try to make things easier for everybody," said Cavendish-Palmer.

Major flooding is occurring in the Snoqualmie River near Carnation. It's expected to fall below flood stage early Sunday morning.