Felony charges for Kirkland high school student accused of posting online threats

King County prosecutors have filed felony charges against an 18-year-old Juanita High School student for allegedly making online threats to shoot students and have a Uvalde, Texas- type shooting. 

Police say on June 12 around 12:45 p.m., 55 people called to report threats posted on Instagram. There were threats of violence toward students and a picture of a gun, and the suspect, later identified as Salomon Levin, allegedly said he would be carrying out violence at the high school in the next week, according to authorities.

The Lake Washington School District also reported getting tipped off to the threats.

According to charging documents, Levin made several threats and referenced the Uvalde, Texas school shooting. 

In an Instagram post, court documents say Levin posted: 

"For those who have been talking s*** about me. Just remember that people who talked s*** about other people at the school in the country have ended up dead or worse and after the recent school shooting in Uvalde Texas and you talking s*** about me, that's a recipe for disaster so for everyone's sake don't give me a reason to put you in your place. School shootings in this country can be easily avoidable if we just be nice to each other. Don't throw
your life away just to insult someone."

Several students reported to police that they believed Levin was capable of following through with the threats. 

According to court documents, several of those students also direct messaged Levin on Instagram. 

One student asked him what he meant from his post. The message exchange happened as follows, according to court documents.

Levin: "It means if you're not careful, you'll end up like this (sic) kids in Uvalde." 

Student: "Is that a threat?"

Levin. "Yes it is." 

One student told Levin to "chill out," to which Levin responded, "now you on my list (sic) I warned you." 

Levin later told detectives that he had a list of people he wanted to get rid of.

He sent that student a photo of a shotgun and several black bags used to carry large rifles in the background, according to court documents. That student was "freaked" out and realized Levin was serious. The direct message exchange caused the student to be concerned for his life "a little bit" but he was "definitely scared for the students at Juanita High School," court documents detail. 

Levin was charged with two counts of felony harassment for threats to kill and insinuating a school shooting. 

He was also barred from going onto Lake Washington School District properties. His parents promised he would not have access to any firearms going forward, police say.