Field closed until February after flooding at Tacoma's Stadium High School

TACOMA -- Thousands of gallons of water from heavy rain storms caused a massive flood at the iconic Stadium Bowl over the weekend. The rain caused extensive damage to the site forcing the district to close it until February.

A spokesperson for the district, Dan Voelpel, said, "We’ll have all the entrances locked. This area is not safe to be in. It’s closed until further notice."

The district must relocate 20 football and soccer games as a result of the Stadium Bowl closure. The bowl flooded last November and created to sink holes under the turf. The district just completed that fix last month.

This flood has sparked a conversation with the Tacoma School District and the City of Tacoma. Engineers will begin discussing possible solutions so this type of flooding event doesn't happen again.

"We’ve got to look at ways and things we might do to help mitigate that condition," Tacoma Environmental Services Spokesperson, John O'Loughlin, said.